UAS/Scanning Group

GSC Surveying, Inc. prides itself on using the latest technologies. Unmanned Aerial Systems are the most impressive technology we have used to date. An enormous amount of data can be collected in a short period of time and this method is much more efficient than conventional surveying methods.

Our staff has 2 FAA Licensed 107 pilots, one also being a Professional Land Surveyor. Each of our pilots have multiple years experience in flying  and collecting data to assist our clients in design and construction.

Collecting data from a birds-eye view gives you a different perspective, along with a 3-Dimensional photograph to document your engineering or construction needs. GSC Surveying provides its clients with as-built documentation at any given time on a project. These pictures give a new meaning to “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

GSC Surveying has the equipment for any task necessary. We have the expertise to collect data on the ground, from the air or on the water.

FARO 150S Scanner for static scans of building documentation from the foundation all the way through construction.  Bridge surveys and retaining wall monitoring.

Hydrone Unmanned Surface Vehicle is used for pond surveys, river surveys and flooded borrow pits on construction sites.